Announcement About Cricket On EMS!


Afternoon all. I’ve got some changes to tell you about. I’ve been monitoring your feedback since Maxie and I drew stumps on The Full Toss in October last year. It seems that quite a few people are missing the place! As am I if I’m being honest. Consequently I’ve made the decision to revive TFT and post all my cricket content there instead from now on.

Eat My Sports will still be here to discuss other sports, but because a lot of our old TFT subscribers said they were only really interested in cricket, it seems better all round to run two separate sites. Then those who aren’t really interested in anything but cricket don’t have to plough through articles about rugby, tennis etc to get to the good bits.

As I’ve been writing about cricket more than anything else recently (alongside dirty nappies it’s my chosen specialised subject at the mo) it might be better to check TFT for new articles first from now on. In fact, there’s a shiny new article about Stuart Broad on TFT right now.

I’ll notify TFT readers whenever there’s anything new to read on EMS.

Cheers – and thanks for all your support,



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