Guest Spots, Interviews and a Charity Event by Willow


This isn’t so much a new article as a heads up. For starters we’ve just published our very first EMS! ‘guest spot’. It’s by history student Nick Farr, who has a few thoughts about the upcoming ODI series in the UAE.

It should be quite an interesting series. England made a lot of progress last year by going on the attack. Will they be able to do this in alien conditions, or will they get bogged down against the spinners like they normally do on slow pitches?

The next piece of news is that Maxie has just made his first appearance on EMS! If you haven’t already seen his article on the test series in the UAE I strongly recommend taking a look.

The next piece of news is to tell you that I’ve been on the self-promotion trail. I recently did an interview with a site that offers betting tips and a forum for sports fans to chat. You can read the article here. It gives a little more insight into what we’re trying to achieve at Eat My Sports! I’d like to thank Ishanka from Betting Runner for giving me the opportunity.

Most importantly, however, I’d quickly like to bring a new charity event to your attention. There’s an exhibition in London called Win, Lose or Draw at the Hay Hill Gallery in London from 23-25th November. It features graphic interpretations of iconic British sporting moments. Do you recognise the one above? It’s Andrew Flintoff consoling Brett Lee during the 2005 Ashes. There’s also an image commemorating Botham’s Ashes in 1981.

All items on display are original pieces of art. You can buy the originals, artists-proofs and limited edition prints online from 24th November. Each one is signed by sportsman featured. There are also depictions of Alex Ferguson, Thierry Henry, Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins and more.

The money raised will go to Willow, the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16-40. The founder and life president of Willow is Bob Wilson, the former Arsenal goalkeeper. He tragically lost his daughter Anna to cancer at the tender age of 31. He had this to say about the exhibit:

“The combination of modern, graphic art and high profile sporting heroes is an exciting match for any sport or art lover. The Win, Lose, Draw collection captures special moments in sporting history. Funds raised will enable Willow to provide its own special moments for those living with life threatening conditions at a time when they need it most”.

For more information, or if you fancy buying one of the colourful exhibits, please visit Prints start at £200. If you’d like to contact Willow phone 01707 259777 or visit Obviously we wish the guys all the very best.

James Morgan

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