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This is Eat My Sports! It’s great to see you. I’ll be here throughout the year to chew the sporting fat.

You can expect pretty much the same as The Full Toss but I’ll be writing about lots of different sports now. Cricket will still be my number one priority but there’ll be debate about rugby union, football, golf and NFL too – whatever’s breaking news in the sporting stratosphere.

Indeed, I’ve kicked things off with an article about the disaster that is Aston Villa football club. I’ve got some thoughts on the past and the imminent arrival of Remi Garde as manager.

You can still read our old TFT posts by clicking The Full Toss page in the main menu. If you were TFT subscriber, and you used to get new posts by email, this service will continue at Eat My Sports. I imported your details … sneaky eh.

This new site has all the same old features as TFT but with a couple of differences. First of all, I’d like to encourage more guest posts. Whatever’s on your mind – whether it’s the triumphs or disasters of your football club or the misery of the England cricket team – please email your thoughts to james@eatmysports.co.uk. All views are welcome.

You’ll see there’s a special section of the site called ‘Guest Spots’. This is devoted entirely to readers. Don’t worry if you can’t write as elegantly as Gideon Haigh, it’s all about getting your view across. If there’s something you want to get off your chest, please go for it.

The other change is that EMS! will bring you much more video and audio content. We’ve got a little hook up going with AudioBoom and Perform Group. The former have given us permission to use their Sky Sports feed, so if you can’t watch the likes of Bumble, Grumpy Bob etc in person, you can listen to the audio highlights here.

We’ve also got a nifty new app on the way (it’s currently being tested by Apple) so it’s going to be really easy to follow the discussion when you’re on the move.

Thanks so much for joining me at my new domain. I hope you’ll support ESM the same way you all supported TFT. It means a lot that you’ve taken the time to come across.

Stay tuned for all the reaction to the 3rd test in the UAE. Can England salvage a series draw? I doubt it. But then again, we didn’t think we’d win the Ashes either.




  1. Thanks for all the great reads at TFT (but please, don’t let me wake to over sixty email notifications like the other day – every blog post from down the years appeared in my in-tray in 5 minutes! lol)
    Good luck with this one….. I may have the occasional moan about something other than cricket here, especially being a Chelsea fan!

    • Thanks mate. Yes I had a bit of a disaster transferring files across to the new site. I managed to turn 200 old posts into drafts by mistake. When I changed their status back from ‘drafts’ to ‘published’ the system thought they were entirely new articles so it sent them out to subscribers!

      Doh. I thought about sending out another email as an apology but I thought the last thing people needed was another bloody email.

      Thank heavens I realised what was happening after 50 articles. I quickly turned subscriptions off before all 200+ went out!

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