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Gold Turns To Rust

Just over two years ago, the San Francisco 49ers were one of the favourites to win the Super Bowl. They’d reached three NFC championship games in a row, boasted an experienced roster bursting with talent, and were led by charismatic head coach who (at the time) had won 36 games and…

The Eat My Sports! Match Day Menu

Are you a sportsman? If not don’t worry. This is for attempted sportsmen (like myself) too. The following advice is as much for Dads, Saturday morning footballers and Sunday village cricketers as it is for Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane. At the end of the day we’re all the same…

It’s About Time

Time waits for no man. It’s even more impatient with head coaches. It’s that precious commodity everyone wants but infrequently gets. The ambitions of wealthy owners, and the pressure exerted by desperate supporters, all put paid to patience. Expectations are rarely anything other than sky high – and if you…

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Hartley in the Right Place?

I’ll be honest. I’m in a quandary about Dylan Hartley’s appointment as England rugby captain. It’s a risk. It’s a bloody risk. I would’ve chosen Joe Launchbury. But having criticised Stuart Lancaster’s penchant for the disciplined and the vanilla, I find it hard to criticise Eddy Jones for his willingness…

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Brady Boys Bruised As Broncos March On

Not everyone in the UK understands NFL. They see its growing popularity as some kind of American scourge – muscling in on the great British sporting weekend like Starbucks invading shopping centres. However, if they gave the game a chance – like millions of British people already have – they’d…

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Announcement About Cricket On EMS!

Afternoon all. I’ve got some changes to tell you about. I’ve been monitoring your feedback since Maxie and I drew stumps on The Full Toss in October last year. It seems that quite a few people are missing the place! As am I if I’m being honest. Consequently I’ve made the…


By George – Could NFL Really Get Bigger Than Cricket?

When we upped sticks at The Full Toss, and kissed Maxie goodbye (metaphorically of course!), I wanted to take this blog in a slightly different direction. I can completely understand why people want to keep talking about the cricket media, but I was personally tired of the whole thing. However,…

Rugby Union

Should Darth Dylan Become England Rugby Captain?

Eddie Jones has been a busy boy. He’s been speaking to the media, lining up coaches, and looks likely to sack Chris Robshaw as captain in the near future. Happy Christmas, Chris. However for all his faults – and I’m afraid I’ve never been the Harlequins flanker’s biggest fan – there…

Guest Spots

Is Alastair Cook England’s Most Undervalued Sportsman?

Today we have a guest spot from Jack Jenkins, who feels that England’s cricket captain is generally under-appreciated by both fans and the media. It’s a passionate argument not everyone will agree with. I imagine some of the old arguments Jack mentions might even resurface! Jack makes some good points. For example,…


On Garde

Bloody Aston Villa. Bane of my existence. Why oh why did I make the fateful decision to support them 25 years ago. All my mates supported Man Utd or Liverpool. They were smart. I was a romantic. I fell in love with the team’s storied history, their claret and blue…